Weymoor Renovation

This townhouse in Vancouver received a complete facelift, including opening the kitchen to the dining and living room and custom millwork throughout. A once dark living space was transformed into a bright, open and organized home. The result? Increased storage, a more unified living space, and a very happy client!

As part of the renovation, the powder room also was redone. Located near the front entry, the existing ample sized powder room received additional built-in storage to eliminate clutter around the front door. With specific client requirements, we designed custom walls of millwork in most of the rooms as part of this all over renovation. Features included: dedicated storage for office electronics, file drawers for household files, space for TVs and associated components, easy access to family photo albums, and display storage to highlight some very special treasures.

Location: Vancouver, BC

Size: 1,500.0 sq. ft.
Project Type: Residential Renovation

I did a major renovation to my townhome and could not have done it without Pam from Zimba Design! ! love my new space and honestly, would not change a thing! Right from the beginning, Pam was interested in creating my ideal vision, not just redesigning my space with a new look. Although it sounds cliche, Pam really listened to what I wanted my space to be like and how I was going to use it. She helped guide me along the process of picking materials like flooring, countertops, tile, and paint which complemented each other and fit into the project design. I could not have done that alone. My suggestions and input were welcomed. She used her magical powers to bring my project to life. Pam worked with the contractor to make sure they stayed true to the plan and if for some reason not, she was there to sort out a solution. I found Pam’s assistance invaluable and attribute my project’s success to her genuinely caring approach to my design.

V. Pollard Vancouver, B.C.