The Urban Longhouse

This new single family home was built, completely zoning bylaw compliant, on a 25’ wide lot. The resulting 2,500.0 sq. ft. home with 1 bedroom basement suite has ample room for family living, and a beautiful yard and outdoor living area to enjoy during the 3 seasons Vancouver’s North Shore has to offer. This house makes use of every square foot offered by this narrow property. AND it was the recipient of a BC Wood Design Award in the category of Western Red Cedar.

Location: North Vancouver, BC
SIZE: 2,500.0 sq. ft.
Project Type: New Single Family Home

This award winning project is an excellent example of the beauty and versatility of Western Red Cedar. The designer noted that Western Red Cedar was a natural choice for this project. This building is a showcase for not only cedar, but many wood products, including solid Douglas fir beams and posts, a reclaimed hardwood floor, pine soffits, a floating wood staircase, wood cabinets, a wall-to-wall millwork unit, wood doors and even a wooden mantel. However, it is the cedar that sets this building apart from others. Western Red Cedar was used for the siding and roof braces. Cedar deck boards furnish the porch, decks, entry stairs and landings. The exterior elements are treated only with a clear stain so that the beauty of the wood’s color and texture are highlighted. When the setting summer sun hits the building, it glows a warm orange, grounded only by the vertical stone columns of natural ledgestone that break up the length of the building. The Jury agreed with the designer’s comments that the Western Red Cedar emits a warmth that is the very essence of the building, providing a warm welcome.

Western Forest Products, sponsor of the Western Red Cedar Award