Double Height Garage

To maximize the usage of this 25’-0” wide city lot, we designed this two-level detached garage, a man cave of sorts. The top level houses the client’s collector campervan and vintage motorcycles, while the lower level is used for storage and a music sanctuary, housing the clients’ guitars, turntables, and extensive record collection. With its pedestrian access only, the lower level faces the main house and opens onto the back garden. This provides a symbiotic connection between the two buildings. Opening onto the lane, the upper level provides easy access for bringing the vehicle collection in and out. Over top of the upper level is a storage loft accessed by a drop down ladder. Talk about making use of every bit of space in this versatile building!!!!

Location: North Vancouver, BC

Size: 300.0 sq. ft. (on each level)

Project Type: Accessory Building

The team at Zimba Design was such a pleasure to work with on this project. Communication during site visits was top notch and they were always available for questions from our crew on site.


Delta Sierra Construction & Millwork Ltd.