Check out this realtor’s office we’ve recently completed in the Shipyards District of North Vancouver. Formerly a nail salon that disappeared in the night, this space was transformed into a modern office and hub for realtors to gather with their clients. A change of use, building permits, landlord meetings, sign permits, contractor fun…. This project saw it all! We were able to bring natural light into the back of the long, narrow space by utilizing glass in the walls in combination with some supplementary artificial lighting.

Location: The Shipyards, North Vancouver
Size: 865.0 sq. ft.
Project Type: Commercial Tenant Improvement

A BIG THANKS to Zimba Design and Pam Chilton. Your knowledge of processes and ability to advise and maneuver around permits and approvals is where the value is added. Thanks, Pam for being a pro and getting to our end goal. 

Greg Paddy

Realtor and Managing Partner, Century 21 In Town, North Vancouver