Bowen Pizza Co.

 Doubling the size of this commercial space, this restaurant expansion consisted of two major elements: the space plan and design of the expanded, horizontal functional space; and the design of the independent canopy over the space.

Located on the first level of a public market, partially under the stairs to the second level, there was a potential risk that a foreign object may be dropped into the food preparation area, as the stairs that transverse over the space are used by the public. So, the design concept had to include some sort of protective ceiling treatment. Thus, a free-standing roof canopy over the tenant space that follows the line of the stairs was devised.  The canopy structure is built of a combination of steel posts, beams and Q-deck clad in wood.

In addition to the canopy, another feature element of this project is the long preparation counter where the public can witness the creation of pizza goodness. A bar height counter topped with Cambria solid surfacing is supported by a pony wall fronting the lower preparation counter behind. This, along with all the pony walls enclosing the tenant space, are clad in Western Red Cedar whose cozy aura is like a warm hug from the kitchen where fresh pizza dough is mixed regularly and pizzas are assembled out of love.

This little pizza shop is tucked so neatly under the market stairs. Compared to its former version, it is now a bright, spacious and inviting space where one can sit and watch the creation of great pies happening on the long prep line; or grab one to go from the retail area.

Location: Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver
Size: 650.0 sq. ft.
Project Type: Commercial Tenant Improvement

When I renovated my business, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

The expertise and ease you brought to the project really was how we ended up bringing the project to life. From my very amature hand sketches and collection of images, you were able to translate that into tangible plans for the builder and his team to execute. The attention to detail was great and I remember standing at the shop just before we re-opened in awe, it was exactly as I had pictured it in my head.

In addition to the design elements, you were also a big help at City Hall. Your building code knowledge and industry connections helped to make progress when the project was delayed due to bureaucratic and clerical back and forth.

Thanks again for your hard work!

Melanie McCready

Bowen Pizza Co.